Ultimately, your customers don’t interact with a marketing plan — they interact with creative work: digital ads, videos, social-media posts, and things they find in their mailbox. Because we understand the value of both strategy and creative, our work is anchored in strategic thinking, but is designed to capture the interest of real people in the real world … and most importantly, get them to take action.

As a collective, we custom build the team that each project requires, staying focused on our clients’ objectives and budget. And amazingly, we like each other (you’d be amazed at how much that matters).

Scott Whitney

Principal / Creative Director

At his core, Scott is a storyteller: written, visual, or verbal. That inclination makes him well-suited to helping organizations tell compelling brand stories that translate to the consumer. As creative director, Scott keeps his team focused on our clients’ core objectives throughout a project’s lifecycle. With seven years experience in a strategically focused agency, and nearly twenty as a copywriter, he is skilled at leading creative teams in developing emotionally driven creative that gets results, from B2B to nonprofit.

Kyle Anderson

Art Director

Not every graphic designer, even the great ones, are true visual communicators. Kyle is not every graphic designer — he understands brand strategy and has the chops to translate our client’s goals into visuals that communicate effectively and solve business challenges (and win awards, we should add). By way of proof, Scott will begrudgingly admit that he probably didn’t write your favorite headline. That was Kyle.

Stephanie Craig

Photography Director

Stephanie’s talents as a photographer cross disciplines. She built her reputation as a sought after wedding photographer—but has parlayed her skills into a career as a commercial and editorial artist, working with brands throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. Most recently, Stephanie completed a book project for Warren and Dorothy Buffet’s philanthropic Letters Foundation.

The Extended Collective

Web Development, Video Production, Motion Graphics

Our extended network of talent is how we provide affordable and scalable creative services. Taxi Colectivo enjoys close partnerships with top-notch (and like-minded) web developers, videographers, and marketing strategists, and calls on the team we need to hit every project out of the park.